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Monday / July 15.
HomemiproductsArtMost SoftOK Monthly Disposable CLs

ArtMost SoftOK Monthly Disposable CLs

OK has been shown to slow myopia progression, perhaps due to its unique relative peripheral hyperopic defocus optics.1,2

ArtMost SoftOK monthly disposable CLs were purpose designed to ‘simulate’ OK treatment zone optics. With ArtMost Planned Flexure technology – a very thin tear reservoir beneath the soft lens – they provide wearer comfort, while Artmosts’ Preferential Visual Span design ensures good optical clarity for better distant vision, despite every lens having progressively increased high peripheral addition powers for sharp near vision.

Contact: Artmost Oceania (AUS) 02 8006 7466 


  1. Earl L. Smith III et al. Relative Peripheral Hyperopic Defocus Alters Central Refractive Development in Infant Monkeys, Vision Research 49 (2009) 2386-2392 
  2. Frank Spors, et al. In-Vivo Evaluation of Peripheral Refraction with Single Vision and Multifocal Soft Contact Lenses, ARVO 2018 Poster