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Wednesday / July 17.
HomemiproductsTheraTears Drops and Gel

TheraTears Drops and Gel

TheraTears for the treatment of dry eye is available in drops for use during the day and gel for use at night time. According to Contact Lens Centre Australia, TheraTears Gel is highly recommended for use with orthokeratology as the viscosity provides excellent comfort with overnight wear.

Irrespective of the cause of dry eye, the result is the same: a loss of homeostasis and hyperosmolarity. TheraTears’ hypotonic, electrolyte-balanced formula has been shown to reduce osmolarity over time i.e. the hypotonicity lowers the salt content, allowing the solution to rehydrate the eye.

Osmolarity of TheraTears is 188, and it has been shown to achieve a return to normal tear osmolarity after eight weeks of use (normal tears have an osmolarity of 302).

TheraTears lubricant is designed to provide ‘saturating dosing’ for maximum efficacy.

Contact: Contact Lens Centre Australia (AUS) 03 9543 1811