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Monday / May 20.
HomeminewsKeratoconus the Focus for Final 2020 CCLSA Webinar

Keratoconus the Focus for Final 2020 CCLSA Webinar

The Cornea and Contact Lens Society (CCLSA) will host its final webinar for the year on Monday 23 November from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm AEDT .

Themed KC and the Sunshine Band the webinar will feature kiwi optometrists Grant Watters and Paul Rose as well as Australian optometrist Heidi Hunter.

Grant Watters has been a lecturer at Auckland University for most of his 37 years in practice and is involved in tear film, ocular surface and eye lid research in Professor Jennifer Craig’s lab at Auckland University.

Mr Watters will share a scientific review of 141 keratoconus cases from a research paper he co-authored with Aki Gokul titled Contact lens complications in keratoconus. The paper offers a detailed analysis of complications, broken down into contact lens (CL) type, solutions used etc. It covers corneal rigid gas permeable CLs, piggybacks, soft lenses, sclerals and hybrids. Mr Watters and the expert panel will dig deeper into the findings. Outcomes, ramifications and management of conditions will be discussed as will the best lenses to fit for given cases.

Paul Rose who designed the Rose K series of contact lenses – now the most widely fitted lenses for keratoconus, fitted in over 90 countries – will share some easy to follow cases that will highlight some of the important considerations and clinical pearls that lead to success, from corneal RGPs to semi-scleral lenses and more.

Heidi Hunter, who has extensive experience in a wide range of speciality contact lens fitting and management, will also share a range of patient cases. A CCLSA national board who also serves on the NSW state committee, Ms Hunter is well known for her great contact lens skills and superb educational presentations.

Visit cclsa.org.au for details and to register.