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Thursday / August 18.
HomemiproductsDNEye® PRO for Lens Optimisation

DNEye® PRO for Lens Optimisation

Rodenstock has taken a decisive step forward, heralding a new era in the optimisation of lenses with DNEye® PRO.

Because every eye is different, Rodenstock has moved away from using a ‘standard eye model’ to calculate its lenses. Using measurements from the DNEye scanner, the biometrics of the whole eye are determined and this information is integrated directly into the lens. This provides people with the sharpest vision possible at any angle and in every direction of gaze, both in the lens’ peripheral zones and at distances from mid, near and far. The benefits include quick adaptation due to sharper vision, increased visual comfort, and improved contrast, which leads to better vision in low light levels especially when driving at dusk.

Contact: Rodenstock (AUS) 02 9748 0988