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Thursday / May 30.
HomemiproductsOptima IPL by Lumenis

Optima IPL by Lumenis

Optima IPL by Lumenis is a first-of-its-kind light-based treatment that was specifically designed for dry eye disease due to meibomian gland deficiency.

Unlike conventional treatments that work within the eye, Optima IPL uses advanced technology to deliver a controlled amount of intense pulsed light on the cheeks, nose (from tragus to tragus), and below the lower eyelids. This process destroys the abnormal blood vessels that perpetuate inflammation, restoring homeostasis.

Optimal pulse technology (OPT) gives operators the ability to control the pulse shape so they can customise treatment to the patient’s skin type, and patients report that treatments are gentle thanks to a continuously cooled handpiece designed for enhanced comfort.

Downtime is minimal, and signs and symptoms of inflammation can improve after just one or two treatments.

Clinically efficacious, the Optima IPL system differentiates itself by being void of consumables.

Right now you can expand your treatment offering, increase revenue potential and gain immediate access to a brand-new Optima IPL system, with nothing to pay for 12 months.

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