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Wednesday / May 22.
HomemiproductsShamir Tribid

Shamir Tribid

Shamir Australia offers a full range of lens products from mainstream lenses to any speciality lenses, which includes high prisms and high powers.

Shamir Tribrid, exclusive to Shamir, is a hybrid material that combines the best attributes of Hi-Index lenses with comfort, strength, and durability. This lens material is excellent for rimless, nylon, inline fits, and patients who want lightweight eyewear. Shamir Tribrid has all the benefits of 1.6 index with a much higher safety rating.

Shamir Australia’s speciality lenses are manufactured in Shamir’s Brisbane based Australian Made laboratory, which employs over 110 Australian workers. The laboratory is equipped with the world’s best cutting edge digital equipment.

Contact: Shamir (AUS) 1300 553 465