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Saturday / May 28.
HomemiproductsVX120+ Dry Eye

VX120+ Dry Eye

The prevalence of keratoconus is higher than previously thought. With an advanced approach to screening, evaluating, and monitoring its progression, we can now give patients better treatment options like orthokeratology.

This is where the VX120+ Dry Eye, a multi-function wavefront anterior segment analyser, comes in. VX120+ Dry Eye has the capability of five instruments in one machine:

  • Placido ring corneal topography • Dry eye anterior imaging module
  • Scheimpflug optical pachymetry
  • Shack Hartmann wavefront aberrometry, and • Non-contact tonometry.

The VX120+ Dry Eye placido ring corneal topography module is particularly helpful in the early detection and ongoing monitoring of keratoconus through the following data:

  • Keratoconus probability index (KPI)
  • Axial, tangential elevation, and refraction maps
  • Internal astigmatism measurements
  • Corneal aberrometry, and
  • Eccentricity and meridian tables.

Contact: Opticare (AUS) 1800 251 852