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Tuesday / August 16.
Homemieditorialmivision Issue 171 September 2021

mivision Issue 171 September 2021

The Olympic Games was a life saver for many during lockdown – something to focus our attention on, lift our spirits, and remind ourselves of how incredibly kind humans can be to each other.

I fear COVID-19 is becoming a great divider of people. We have the believers and the non-believers (in the disease, the vaccinations to protect against it and the need to isolate); disagreements over which vaccination and for whom, finger pointing at politicians and Chief Medical Officers over their handling of the pandemic; and frustrations with the ‘risky behaviour’, whether deliberate or not, of various groups.

Yet amidst all of that, more than 11,000 athletes from right around the world came together in Tokyo, masked up and sanitised, to remind us of how we can unite, compete, have fun and most importantly, support each other.

I’m not a massive sports watcher but I enjoyed settling down in front of my screen to watch a number of events; to see the absolute delight and excitement on winners’ faces but also to see would-be winners graciously accept mistakes that stopped them cold, helping others through to the finish line, sharing the wins and the losses. It wasn’t only about receiving the medal on the podium.

In this issue we turn our attention to achievers in eye care – the women and men striving to work side-by-side to make a difference. In our lead story, Dr Jennifer Fan Gaskin acknowledges the advances of women in optometry and ophthalmology while highlighting the gender inequity that still exists. Much like our incredible Matildas, women in eye care are kicking goals, however unlike the women’s soccer team, our female ophthalmologists are yet to earn, or to be given the same professional opportunities as their male counterparts. Don’t worry, this isn’t a ‘male bashing’ piece – Dr Fan Gaskin also draws our attention to the need to provide men with equal opportunities to create a work/life balance.

As we launch into spring, we turn your clinical focus to dry eye disease, with two insightful articles that will help you manage patients with this debilitating condition. You’ll also find fascinating articles on low vision, paediatric cataract, MIGS technologies and more. Enjoy.


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