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Friday / August 19.
HomemiproductsCornea Protect

Cornea Protect

Cornea Protect (2% hydroxypropyl methylcellulose) is sustained corneal hydration that optimises the process of ophthalmic surgeries.

A single application of Cornea Protect at the beginning of surgery is enough to maintain optical clarity, leading to increased comfort for the patient, especially under topical anaesthesia.

Lasting up to 20 minutes, one drop continuously hydrates the cornea for the average duration of a cataract procedure, avoiding frequent disruption of the surgical field to simply promote safer surgeries and decrease the risk of corneal lesions. Cornea Protect, compared to balanced salt solution, delivers significantly enhanced optical clarity and protects the cornea 10 times longer.

Cornea Protect is a 2 mL single dose unit which can be stored at room temperature, with no sterilisation pre-op required, and with a re-closable cap to allow repeated applications during surgery.

Contact: Bausch + Lomb Account Manager