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Wednesday / April 17.
HomeminewsNew Extra Dark Lenses for Transitions Optical

New Extra Dark Lenses for Transitions Optical

Nine out 10 glasses wearers experience light sensitivity, with 30% being very light sensitive, according to Transitions Optical research.1 To support their needs, the company has launched two new extra dark photochromic lens technologies: the XTRActive Polarized and XTRActive new generation.

Featuring dynamic polarisation, the XTRActive Polarized lens is unpolarised when clear indoors, while outdoors, in bright light, it is extra dark and becomes polarised. The level of darkness and polarisation depends on available light. Outside, this lens achieves a polarising efficiency of up to 90 and darkens to a Category 3 sunglass; even in hot temperatures. Behind the windscreen, it activates up to Category 2, with low level polarisation due to car windscreens blocking UV rays.

Transitions XTRActive new generation is the darkest Transitions lens in hot temperatures and in the car. In wearer tests, it achieved overall satisfaction of 98%.1 Compared to the previous generation, it is 35% faster to fade back indoors, and darker in in the car. Also darker in hot temperatures, it is the only photochromic lens to achieve Category 3 sunglass at 35°C.*

When driving, Transitions XTRActive achieves Category 2 behind a windscreen. In wearer tests, 86% of participants were very satisfied with the overall vision experience in the car.1 Both lens technologies feature high blue light filtering indoors and outdoors, and 100% UV blockage.

For supporting resources visit www.XTRActive.com.au. If you are not registered for Transitions Plus, visit www.transitions-plus.com and use the code MivisionXA.

* Clear to extra dark photochromic category. Tests across polycarbonate and 1.5 grey lenses at 35°C achieving <18%T using Transitions Optical’s standard testing method.


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