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Monday / July 22.
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Same, Same Only Different

With light at the end of the tunnel, Andrew McKinnon offers up a few colourful facts and thoughts that might just make you smile.

Let’s talk about something other than COVID.

I’m sure you’re feeling as I am – get the vaccination rates up, get the politicians out of our lives and let’s get back to living like a civilised society, rather than being caged and constrained.

Thanks, I enjoyed that rant!

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Because everything is so serious at the moment, I thought we might just wander down an interesting laneway together and see what sort of random bits we encounter. Nothing is especially related to anything else, but hopefully it provides a bit of colour amidst the grey…

  1. Research coming out of Queen’s University Belfast has suggested a connection between poor vision and motor vehicle accidents. The study focussed on accident rates in low and middle-income countries.

Earlier research, which concentrated on accident rates in wealthier countries, indicated that the latter usually do relatively well in reducing the number of drivers with poor vision on the roads. However, lower income countries often don’t have that scope to act (AOP.org).

  1. While doing some research for this article I came across a really good resource for children and their optometrists – it’s called Curious Kids and it answers all sorts of kids’ questions about science, including eyes and vision. Have a look (there are about 450 articles): theconversation.com/ curious-kids-why-are-our-top-eyelasheslonger- than-our-bottom-eyelashes-132585.
  2. According to history.com and CNN, the 2020s pretty closely mirror the 1930s when it comes to hobbies people turn to when they have time on their hands. Only a few have lapsed, as you can see in Table 1, in no particular order.

Speaking of time, I thought I’d round up the team at Optometry NSW/ACT and see what they are most looking forward to once the roads and skies open up again, starting with me:

Andrew: “Getting on a plane to Los Angeles to see my daughter Amy, son-inlaw Alex and little Alice who is now one year old, and we are yet to meet”,

Nicole: “Also getting on a plane… to Thailand”,

Paula: “Heading to Spain with family to try out some of the Spanish I’ve learnt during lockdown”,

Audrey: “Getting on a plane to Ireland (or getting off the plane once it lands in Ireland) so I can see my Irish family and friends, and my home country”, and

Sarah: “Meeting my niece, Alice, and introducing my lovely partner to my wonderful sister!”

That will do. Thanks to Mel and Todd at mivision for the soapbox and support they so generously provide.


A quick ‘thanks’ to the many members who’ve contacted Optometry NSW/ACT to say thanks for the news updates which are coming via SMS. We know it gets daunting at times, especially when we send three items in a day, but these short, sharp messages seem to be the best way to keep everyone in the loop.

Hopefully the need for them will abate very, very soon.

In the meantime, please remember – Optometry NSW/ACT is open to you seven days a week, because sometimes you just need an answer now.

Call us anytime and if we don’t pick up, we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Warmest regards to you all and your families and friends – the light at the end of the tunnel is no longer an oncoming train!

Andrew McKinnon is the Chief Executive Officer of Optometry New South Wales / Australian Capital Territory.