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Wednesday / May 22.
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Oculus Myopia Master

With myopia prevalence increasing at an alarming pace, it is more important than ever to monitor for myopia early in life. Simply put, the earlier myopia is discovered, the better the outcomes for the life of the patient. Designs for Vision believes this means children should be tested regularly, for myopia, from the age of four.

Myopia Master measures and compares multiple parameters against an age-related normative data cloud,* to provide a quick and meaningful classification of the eye’s geometry.

Predicted adult myopia and axial elongation are flagged, enabling diagnosis of children, even at the ‘pre-myopia’ stage, so treatment can be initiated as early as possible.

Contact: Designs for Vision (AUS) 02 9509 8100 

*Brien Holden Vision Institute and Oculus are working together on predictive algorithms using normative data for use in the Myopia Master.