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Thursday / July 18.
HomeminewsOptometry Students Available for Casual Dispensing Jobs

Optometry Students Available for Casual Dispensing Jobs

Eyecare Recruitment, a specialist eye care recruitment and locum agency, has established a new initiative to help match optometry students with casual optical dispensing employment opportunities.

The initiative allows optometrists to register their interest in employing an optometry student to fill a casual optical dispensing position in their practice, then be supplied with a range of candidates to interview.

…the advantage of employing casual optometry students is their eagerness for the role and willingness to commit up to 20 hours work a week, including weekend and holiday shifts

Leeza Williams, Business Development and Recruitment, Eyecare Recruitment, devised the initiative due to the vast amount of optometry students desperate for work in the industry, but unable to commitment to full time work while completing their study. Additionally, casual work allows them to gain invaluable experience, while providing optometry practices with employees equipped with the knowledge and skills of the industry.

Ms Williams noted the advantage of employing casual optometry students is their eagerness for the role and willingness to commit up to 20 hours work a week, including on weekends and public holidays.

“The times that students can work are often times that are difficult to otherwise fill, and most who are applying can work between 10 and 20 hours which is really optimal for optometry practices after a casual employee,” Ms Williams told mivision.

“They’re also a preferable employee over someone who has not worked in optometry before.”

There is no charge for candidates registering, and it is also free for optometry practices, until they hire one of the casuals.

“When someone comes to us asking for two casual employees who are optometry students, we send them a choice of three to five candidates for them to interview. The student then advises us when they’ve been hired, send us a copy of their contract, and then we charge the optometrist practice $300 for the service.”

This price works out cheaper then placing a Seek Ad, and is only required if a candidate is hired, says Ms Williams.

From the student’s point of view, an industry-relevant job allows them to gain real-world experience beyond the classroom and equips them for future employment. Upon registering with Eyecare Recruitment, they supply their CV, availability, proof of degree status, headshot photo, background check and COVID Vaccination Certificate. This is then used to generate a profile to be send to optometry practices in search of an employee.

“Over my time of recruiting for new grads, when I look at CVs and when I talk to the students, I say ‘have you worked in dispensing in a practice before?’

“It gives them a real edge against other students who haven’t worked in the industry at all. Having the sales and dispensing behind them, and then going into the consulting room – they learn a lot from working in practices.”

Register your interest as an optometrist or as an optometry student.