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Thursday / May 26.
HomemiproductsNuLids At-home Treatment

NuLids At-home Treatment

NuLids is a natural and effective at-home treatment for dry eye disease. Easy to use, 89% of users surveyed said they had no discomfort when using the NuLids product.1 All said the NuLids oscillating soft tip was more convenient than manual treatments,1 and 82% found the device easier and more comfortable to use than manual lid scrubs.2 An AUSCRS ASOA abstract noted that NuLids did not damage corneal tissue when accidental contact was made.2

With daily use, patients reported a noticeable improvement in both the signs and symptoms of dry eye in as little as eight days.3 Treatment takes just one minute a day, and according to NuLids, patients report a significant reduction and/or elimination in their use of manual lid scrubs, artificial tears, gels, ointments, warming masks and anti-inflammatory medications.

Contact: Good Optical Services (AUS) 03 9645 1066 


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