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Wednesday / May 25.


EasyRet, by Quantel Medical and Ellex – Lumibird Medical, is a fully integrated peripheral and macular photocoagulator with single spot, multi spot and subliminal treatment modes.

Operating in the 577nm yellow wavelength, EasyRet features proprietary subliminal laser technology offering the following benefits:

  • Excellent combined absorption by both melanin and oxyhemoglobin (peak absorption of oxyhemoglobin),1,2
  • Very little absorption by macular xanthophyll pigments,1,2 and
  • Excellent penetration through cataracts and hazy media.1,2 

EasyRet features a unique clinically oriented user interface with a fully integrated design, and a software-guided treatment procedure to facilitate the implementation of laser spots, enhancing the treatment of macula and peripheral retinal pathologies.

Visit: ellex.com 


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