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Monday / March 4.
HomeminewsNew Cylite CEO Eyes $4.8B Market

New Cylite CEO Eyes $4.8B Market

Kylee Hall has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of Cylite, the Australian company responsible for designing and manufacturing the award-winning Hyperparallel optical coherence tomography (HP-OCT) device which provides advanced three-dimensional imaging of the eye.

Ms Hall, takes the reigns from renowned scientist and Cylite founder, Dr Steve Frisken. He will continue, in an executive leadership role, to provide operational and innovation guidance to the company. Ms Hall said Cylite is now well positioned to make a global impact in the AU$4.8 billion eyecare diagnostics industry.

“Despite the challenges of COVID, it is an incredibly exciting time at Cylite and I am very motivated by the incredible impact the HP-OCT technology will make globally. The company is going through a huge expansion period with over 70 employees and a new facility recently leased in Melbourne that will provide 2,500m2 of office, laboratory and production space. There is already a lot of global interest around distribution of the product, and we look forward to making some exciting announcements later in the year,” said Ms Hall.

Cylite’s HP-OCT is the next-generation in diagnostic and imaging equipment for ophthalmologists and optometrists and will be officially launched globally in Sydney at the end of May. For the first time, a single piece of equipment can provide a comprehensive overview of the eye, providing micron level accuracy for the effective diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases.

“This is a game-changer for eye conditions that affect thousands of Australians, such as age-related macular degeneration, cataract, and untreated refractive error,” said Dr Frisken. “The annual economic cost of vision loss in Australia is estimated to be $27.6 billion, but earlier diagnosis and intervention can help to mitigate the impact of the increasing financial and emotional burden on society that many of these avoidable conditions can bring… We have several research sites around the world already using the technology and a long list of ophthalmologists and optometrists eager to get a device for trial in the next few months.”

Cylite’s HP-OCT technology recently received Australian Therapeutics Good Administration listing and European CE Mark certification.