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Thursday / June 13.
HomemiproductsPentacam AXL Wave

Pentacam AXL Wave

The Pentacam AXL Wave adds to Pentacam’s established functions of anterior segment tomography and optical biometry with retro-illumination and a Hartman-Shack sensor for total eye wavefront and objective refraction.

The measuring process is straightforward, user-independent, fast, and patient-friendly. The intuitive guide allows both eyes to be examined in less than five minutes.

These new hardware and software features allow optical performance analysis of the total cornea, total eye, and crystalline lens or implanted intraocular lens (IOL). Additionally, the new Pentacam AXL Wave comes with a comprehensive, clearly arranged overview display showing all parameters for corneal screening, IOL power selection, IOL power calculation, implantable collamer lens selection and calculation and pupil diameter under dimmed and dark conditions.

The standard software package with the IOL calculator and its built-in IOL database provide verification of findings in numerous clinical applications, such as corneal refractive surgery, lens refractive surgery, presbyopia solutions and standard cataract surgery. Additionally, software is available for scleral lenses, with corneal scleral profiling measuring 18mm in a single scan. The Pentacam also connects directly to software from multiple contact lens companies.

Contact: Designs for Vision (AUS) 02 9509 8100