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Friday / May 24.
HomeminewsOptions Optometrists Franchises Now Available

Options Optometrists Franchises Now Available

Options Optometrists is an Australian owned exclusive franchise business that has been very successful across Western Australia for more than a decade.

The model was originally established in South Africa in 2006 by Lance and Natalie Schaffer and was launched in Australia in late 2010.

Mr Schaffer says he developed the model to deliver “the correct blend of independence and structure to its franchisees to enable them to become successful business owners in their own right”.

Favourable Financial Model And Optometrist Flexibility

An Options Optometrist franchise is attractive to optometrists as it allows them to choose their own level and type of equipment as well as the flexibility to choose what branch of optometry to specialise in be it, general optometry, orthokeratology, contact lenses, children etc.

The fact that there are 30-minute appointments and the focus is on patient care also appeals to optometrists who want to ensure they give the best service possible to their patients.

A work life balance philosophy, with mentoring and support from head office, helps make running your own business fun again.

The model enables a greenfield franchise to be opened under sole ownership or in partnership. The all-inclusive turnkey cost includes stock and consumables as well as all the necessary equipment, which optometrists can add to or upgrade.

Options Optometrists assists with lease negotiation but leaves lease ownership in the hands of the franchisee and any negotiated landlord contribution is given back to the business owner.

To support the start-up, a guaranteed income is paid to the business owner for the first 12-months of operation.

Every new staff member receives three weeks training and there is significant support for administration etc.

“Having opened, run, owned and managed optical stores on two continents for a combined 50 years, our management team is well positioned to offer strong, ongoing support and guidance to help ensure our franchisees’ long-term success,” Mr Schaffer said.

As well as stocking major frame brands, Options Optometrists practices each showcase at least 600 unique optical frames and 200 unique sun frames. Most importantly, Mr Schaffer says since 2021, Options Optometrists has held an exclusive retail brand license to use the KODAK branding throughout the retail store. As one of the world’s top 50 most recognised brands, he believes this provides instant credibility and awareness to consumers deciding who to trust with their eye care. “Over and above Kodak being an unbelievably strong brand, Kodak lenses offer only the best lens quality and technology,” he explained.

To find out more or to have a confidential discussion, contact: [email protected] or visit: optionsoptometrists.com.au/kodak/franchising/.