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Friday / July 19.
HomemibusinessNew Nationwide Business Opportunity

New Nationwide Business Opportunity

An optometry model, borne in Western Australia (WA) 11 years ago, is set to roll out nationwide.

The Options Optometrists Group practices are located across WA metropolitan areas in regional shopping centers.

Our model allows flexibility and specialisation, with the ability to choose between a 100% ownership or partnership model

The model was originally established in South Africa in 2006 by Lance and Natalie Schaffer and was launched in Australia in late 2010.

Mr Schaffer says he developed the model to deliver “the correct blend of independence and structure to its business partners’ to enable them to become successful business owners in their own right.”

He explained, “We’re very focused on people – on staff and patients – with strong training programs, an emphasis on educating as opposed to selling to patients, and designated 30-minute appointments, which means quality time with the optometrist”.

Having tested and refined the model in South Africa and then WA, he hopes to attract business people and optometrists who are eager to open greenfield practices around the country or convert to the Options Optometrists banner.

A Favourable Financial Model with “Unique” Advantages

Mr Schaffer says the Options Optometrists model offers advantages over the traditional business offering.
“Our model allows flexibility and clinical specialisation for the optometrist such as paediatrics or orthodo K , with the ability to choose between a 100% ownership or partnership model. Partners receive100% of the profit, benefit from valuable mentoring and support, a work-life balance and people first ethos.

“Ours is a full-service optometry model with 30-minute appointments. Optometrists have all spectacle lenses and contact lenses available to them and can choose the level and type of equipment they prefer. They can also choose to focus on any aspect of clinical optometry they are most interested in.”

As well as stocking major brands with industry leading guarantees, Options Optometrists practices display 600 unique optical frames and 200 unique sun frames. Importantly, Mr Schaffer says, since 2021, Options Optometrists has held an exclusive retail brand licence to market and sell Kodak Lenses throughout Australia. As one of the world’s top 50 most recognised brands, he believes this provides instant credibility and awareness to new optometry practices. “Kodak lenses offer substance, longevity, strong supply chains and logistics as well as ensuring that only the best lens quality and technology will be offered to the consumer,” he explained.

Mr Schaffer said the business model is offered with one turnkey all-inclusive cost, and attractive financing options are available. A weekly guaranteed income is paid to partners in the first year.

To find out more or to have a confidential discussion, contact: [email protected] or visit: optionsoptometrists.com.au/kodak.