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Saturday / July 20.
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What to Expect On Exhibit at RANZCO Congress

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists (RANZCO) 53rd Annual Scientific Congress will deliver four days of in-person interaction in Brisbane, as well as the opportunity to tune-in live online, from 28 October to 1 November 2022. RANZCO will also present a valuable opportunity to explore the latest products, technologies and services available to ophthalmology.

Suppliers from around the country are excited to physically showcase the latest and greatest equipment offerings to scores of eager ophthalmologists expected to fill the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre for RANZCO Congress. Attendees can expect to observe live demonstrations, discuss the evidence behind new technologies and treatments, and compare and contrast products.

This hybrid event will also include a highquality scientific program with innovative presentation formats. Among hosted breakfasts, plenaries, poster sessions and the annual general meeting, will be inspiring Named Lectures – Dame Ida Mann, Council, Sir Norman Gregg and Fred Hollows – and Update Lectures across uveitis, cornea, oncology, glaucoma, retina and cataract. The afternoon sessions will feature rapid fire, professional development, and general ophthalmology content.

To prepare yourself for the buzz of the Exhibition Hall, the following pages provide a sneak peek into the options available to improve workflows, margins and patient outcomes. Read up on them here, then explore face-to-face at the upcoming event.

What’s on Exhibit

LuxSmart IOLs

Bausch + Lomb continues to focus its efforts on developing innovative products that meet growing patient demand for premium cataract options. At RANZCO, the Bausch + Lomb team will showcase the new LuxSmart intraocular lenses that use Pure Refractive Optics Technology.

Visit: bausch.com.au 

Stand: 27 

Optovue OCT

BOC Instruments is a well-established supplier and service provider of ophthalmic equipment, supplying an extensive range of highly reputable products from smaller items to the latest technology.

The latest Optovue optical coherence tomography (OCT) models include the multi-functional FullRange SOLIX with unprecedented technology, scanning up to 18mm wide and 6mm deep at an ultrafast scan rate of 120,000 scans/second, and encompassing multiple tools for comprehensive disease management.

Contact: BOC Ophthalmic Instruments (AUS) 1800 804 331 

Stand: 11 


As a team of finance specialists providing tailored solutions for ophthalmologists, Credabl offers a quick, easy and pain-free way for you to get the finance you need.

Through simplified, customised and digitised solutions, Credabl ensures ophthalmologists receive the financial attention they deserve in both their personal and professional lives. With niche finance knowledge and specialist industry skills, Credabl is your partner on call.

Visit: www.credabl.com.au 

Stand: 26A

Lumibird Medical

Lumibird Medical provides comprehensive ultrasound diagnostic solutions. Visit the Ellex/ Quantel medical exhibit at RANZCO Congress, and learn about the comprehensive suite of diagnostic solutions that can benefit your practice, including the ABSolu, Compact Touch and, the most recent product release – the new generation ultrasound biometer AxIalis.

Visit: ellex.com 

Stand: 45 

Huvitz OCT

A combination of a full-colour Fundus Camera, PC, and OCT in one, Huvitz OCT provides high-speed scanning and delivers high-resolution images, making extensive examination and instant diagnostic results possible.

This powerhouse OCT can be used for early diagnosis of glaucoma and many other diabetic eye diseases, including diabetic retinopathy, diabetic macular oedema and cataracts.

Visit: lumenis.com.au 

Stand: 56 

Cataract Workflow with Quatera 700

Powerful as an individual solution and unstoppable together, the Zeiss Cataract Workflow features the latest innovation in phacoemulsification – Quatera 700.

With the Zeiss patented Quattro pump, delivering chamber stability independent of intraocular pressure and flow, and a digitally integrated surgical workflow, Quatera 700 aims to unleash a new experience in Phaco.

Contact: Zeiss Surgical Account Manager 

Stand: 17 

CT Lucia IOL

Zeiss is extending its intraocular lens range. Discover CT Lucia, a monofocal hydrophobic C-loop platform with a unique Zeiss optic and available in a fully preloaded injection system. The patented asphericity concept of the Zeiss CT Lucia is designed to mitigate against potential decentration issues and to confidently deliver good visual outcomes.

Contact: Zeiss Surgical Account Manager 

Stand: 17 

Eikance 0.01%

Eikance 0.01% (atropine sulfate) eye drops, the first pharmacotherapy registered on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods to slow the progression of myopia in children aged four to 14 years1#, may be initiated in children when myopia progresses ≥-1.0D per year.

Eikance 0.01% single-use ampoules are sealed in foil pouches and are available in packs of 30 x 0.3 mL ampoules. The ophthalmic solution is sterile and preservative-free. Eikance 0.01% is a private, prescription only medicine available at community pharmacies across Australia.

Contact: Aspen Pharmacare Account Manager 

Stand: 30 


  1. Eikance Approved Product Information 

# Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. Accessed: 8 August 2021. 

Aspen Australia, St Leonards NSW 2065. Prepared: August 2022. AF 06771 ASP 2792 

To access product information and PBS status, turn to page 52.

Visulas SLT

Zeiss Visulas green laser with a new selective laser trabeculoplasty option now offers a safe and effective treatment for patients with primary open-angle glaucoma. With optional image and video capture to improve digital documentation and the ability to view historical diagnostic data within Forum Glaucoma Workplace, clinicians can now check and document the patient condition on the Visulas workstation before and after treatment.

Contact: Zeiss Surgical Account Manager 

Stand: 17 

Forum Cloud Viewer

Zeiss Forum Cloud Viewer facilitates collaboration with fellow eye care professionals in a secure and cloud-based platform that’s designed to access, store and share diagnostic data from any location. Simply select data from an interesting case, compose a message, and send it to both Forum and non-Forum users using a real-time chat function with email notifications to keep everyone up-to-date.

Contact: Zeiss Surgical Account Manager 

Stand: 17 

IC-8 Small Aperture IOL

AcuFocus, Inc., is a privately held ophthalmic medical device company that delivers breakthrough small-aperture intraocular products to address diverse unmet needs in eye care. The IC-8 small aperture IOL provides a continuous depth of focus for cataract patients. It is available in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and select markets across Europe.

Visit: acufocus.com 

Stand: 4 

AFT Pharmaceuticals

AFT Pharmaceuticals will showcase an innovative range of preservative-free dry eye solutions, including the unique multi-dose Hylo-Fresh and Hylo-Forte eye drops, the lipid layer stabiliser Novatears, night time eye ointment Vita-Pos, and Opti-Soothe’s moist heat mask and preservative-free eyelid wipes.

Contact: AFT Pharmaceuticals (AUS) 02 9420 0420 

Stand: 42 


Ocigel is a viscous and transparent gel, that’s preservative-free and has high ocular tolerability. Ocigel is designed to be the sterile interface with ocular diagnostics instruments by contact. It offers high stability on contact lenses for diagnostics and laser therapy. Ocigel is intended for outpatient clinics.

Characterised by a simple application with no air bubbles and easy removal after use, Ocigel is not cytotoxic.

Visit: emagin.com.au 

Stand: 31

iTrack Advance

The iTrack Advance by Nova Eye Medical is a 360Åã procedure that literally treats glaucoma from all angles by addressing the entire conventional outflow pathway, including the trabecular meshwork, Schlemm’s canal and the collector channels. What’s more, by maintaining the natural pathway of aqueous outflow, iTrack Advance allows you to work with patient physiology, not against it.

Visit: nova-eye.com 

Stand: 19 

Silverstone UWF

Silverstone ultra-widefield retinal imaging with guided swept source optical coherence tomography (OCT) is the most powerful tool yet for examining the retina, and the only ultra-widefield imaging device with integrated swept source OCT. Silverstone produces a 200Åã single-capture retinal image of unrivalled clarity in less than half a second and enables optomap guided OCT scanning across the retina and into the far periphery.

Contact: Optos Australia (AUS) 08 8444 6500 

Stand: 28 


OptiMed will exhibit a range of market leading Takagi, FISO and Optopol products, and will launch the game changing Essilor Vision S-700 auto phoropter station and Vision R-800 refraction system at RANZCO Congress.

These innovative, space saving systems make refraction fast, precise and simple, providing a unique immersive experience that opens up exciting possibilities to boost business. Patients enjoy a comfortable, fascinating user experience. With both systems using a liquid crystal optical module as opposed to individual lenses, for the first time, the Vision R-800 delivers refracting to 0.01D and the Vision S-700 enables refraction without the need for an equivalent of six meters.

Contact: OptiMed (AUS) 1300 657 720 

Stand 40 


Your patients depend on you. Specialists depend on Bp VIP.net.

Bp VIP.net is a highly customisable practice management software solution that’s been designed to give medical specialists the flexibility and tools to work in the way they want to work. Take control by creating your unique medical desktop that’s customised to your needs.

Visit: bpsoftware.net/bp-vipnet 

Stand: 26B 

RayOne EMV

RayOne EMV was developed in collaboration with Professor Graham Barrett. A patented non-diffractive optic profile enables the depth of field of many presbyopia-correcting intraocular lenses but with minimal dysphotopsia and high patient satisfaction. RayOne EMV Toric will be available in Australia from early 2023.

Visit: rayner.com 

Stand: 39 

Oculus Pentacam Family

The Oculus family of Pentacam anterior segment, total-corneal tomographers continues to expand on its diagnostic capabilities, with the addition of the corneal scleral profiling module for 3D corneal planning of scleral contact lenses, and updates to keratoconus screening and progression analysis.

Contact: Designs for Vision (AUS) 02 9509 8100 

Stand: 36 and 36B


Vabysmo (faricimab) is a bispecific antibody indicated to treat neovascular age-related macular degeneration and diabetic macular oedema. It is administered via intravitreal injection and following four loading doses (four weekly), it can be administered every four to 16 weeks, based on the patient’s anatomic and/or visual outcomes.1

Contact: Roche (AUS) 02 9454 9000 

Stand: 60 


  1. Roche Vabysmo Product Information, http://www.rocheaustralia. com/productinfo/vabysmo 
CapsuLaser + Femtis

Device Technologies has launched a surgical laser system that allows cataract surgeons to perform highly accurate and consistent capsulotomies in less than one third of a second, ensuring precise size, circularity and position. Additionally, the laser capsulotomy provides greater elasticity and strength compared to manual capsulotomy.1 CapsuLaser’s precise capsulotomy also facilitates the fixation of Teleon’s Femtis intraocular lens, providing stability and predictable post-operative results.2

Contact: Device Technologies (AUS) 1300 338 423 

Stand: 34 


  1. Daya et al. Parameters affecting anterior capsulotomy tear strength and distension. Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery: March 2019 – Volume 45 – Issue 3 – p 355-360. 
  2. Auffarth et al. Stability and Visual Outcomes of the Capsulotomy-Fixated FEMTIS IOL after Automated Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Anterior Capsulotomy. American Journal of Ophthalmology: May 2021 – Volume 225 – p 27–37. 
LuxOR Revalia

See the bigger picture1-4 with the LuxOR Revalia ophthalmic microscope.

Gain the advantage of:

  • Enhanced visualisation for confident, efficient cataract surgery,
  • A red reflex zone that’s approximately six times larger for an expanded view vs. Zeiss Lumera standard analog microscope,†1,2 
  • Enhanced depth of field for exceptional detail,2,3 and
  • The largest depth of focus vs. Zeiss Lumera T, Lumera 700, and Leica M-820 microscopes.‡2-4 

Contact: Alcon (AUS) 1800 224 153 or (NZ) 0800 809 189 

Stand: 25 

Alcon Laboratories Pty Ltd. ALC1694 08/22 ANZLUX- 2200021. 

~6x larger red reflex zone expands your view vs. Zeiss Lumera standard analog microscope (p<0.0001).1,2

Compared to ZEISS Lumera T, Lumera 700, and Leica M-820 microscopes (p=0.16).1-3


  1. Cionni RJ et al. Evaluating red reflex and surgeon preference between nearly-collimated and focused beam microscope illumination systems. Tran Vis Sci Tech 2015;4(4):7.
  2. Alcon data on file, 2014. Drawing number 955-7210-004. Scientific Support Document, Communication for Alcon LuxOR Red Reflex and Depth of Focus Calculations.
  3. LuxOR Revalia (LX3 LED) Ophthalmic Microscope Operator’s Manual.
  4. Schwiegerling J, Dimalanta R. Depth of focus measurements of ophthalmic surgical microscopes. Poster presented at: The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology; May 1–5, 2016; Seattle, WA.

Heidelberg Engineering will introduce optical coherence tomography that’s optimised for the anterior segment at RANZCO 2022. Anterion delivers high-quality images and brings together multiple anterior segment examinations, including corneal topography and tomography, anterior segment metrics, axial length measurement and intraocular lens calculation. The acquisition time is fast with no need to move the patient. Visual confirmation of all measurements, with high-resolution swept-source OCT images, provides diagnostic confidence.

Contact: Heidelberg Engineering (AUS) 03 9639 2125 

Stand: 32 

Spectralis OCT

Heidelberg Engineering’s new Spectralis optical coherence tomography (OCT) introduces Shift technology, the latest addition to the core DNA that optimises performance without sacrificing quality, delivering individualised patient care.

The 125 kHz scan speed allows you to increase efficiency in acquisition of OCT Angiography by up to 30% without any clinically relevant loss in image quality when compared to the standard 85 kHz scan speed. The faster acquisition of images allows visualisation of flow by minimising artefacts due to natural eye motion, resulting in sharp and detailed images of even miniscule capillaries.

The 85 kHz scan speed helps you balance efficient workflow and high-quality imaging across all applications and scan patterns.

The 20 kHz scan speed offers you improved image quality due to higher sensitivity and better signal-to-noise ratio, resolving details even in eyes with media opacities.

Contact: Heidelberg Engineering (AUS) 03 9639 2125 

Stand: 32 

Medicontur 877PTY Bi-Flex

SurgiVision will launch the Medicontur 877PTY Bi-Flex preloaded hydrophobic toric lens at RANZCO 2022. This is a welcome addition to the Bi-Flex family of lenses that includes monofocal, trifocal and custommade options. The lenses have excellent rotational stability, a very high ABBE number of 58.0 and neutral asphericity.

Contact: SurgiVision (AUS) 1300 995 132 or (NZ) +612 8999 3323 

Stand: 23 


Bayer is a global life science company with expertise in healthcare and agriculture. Guided by the purpose – Science for a better life – Bayer applies its global scientific expertise in healthcare and agriculture to deliver innovations locally, to help people and the planet thrive.

Visit: bayer.com.au 

Stand: 24