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Friday / April 19.
HomemiproductsBlink Intensive Tears

Blink Intensive Tears

Blink Tears with sodium hyaluronate (HA) combines a soothing eye lubricant with a naturally occurring hydration booster.1,2,3

The formulation mimics key properties of the tears’ natural mucins, binding up to 1,000x its weight in water to thicken and stabilise the tear film with every blink.1,2,3 Both Blink Intensive Tears and Blink Intensive Tears Plus Gel Eye Drops have the lowest salt concentration levels among other widely used brands,4 restoring patients’ tear film osmolarity better than Systane Drops and Refresh Optive Drops.5,6 Blink Intensive Tears Protective Eye Drops are also available in preservative-free vials. Patients should be instructed to always read the label and follow directions for use.

Contact: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Account Manager 


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