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Monday / April 15.
HomemiproductsMedicontur 877PTY Bi-Flex

Medicontur 877PTY Bi-Flex

SurgiVision launched the Medicontur 877PTY Bi-Flex preloaded hydrophobic toric lenses at the National RANZCO 2022 meeting. The lens is a welcome addition to the Bi-Flex family of lenses that features a double C loop haptic design with excellent long term rotational, axial, and torsional stability.

The Bi-Flex family also includes preloaded hydrophobic monofocals, hydrophilic torics with custom powers available up to 24.0D cyl, Liberty Trifocal and Trifocal toric options. These are high quality lenses with no glistenings, a very high ABBE number of 58.0 for low chromatic aberration/maximum contrast sensitivity and neutral asphericity for increased depth of field. The 877PTY lenses can comfortably be paired with 1stQ AddOn Trifocal lenses to provide reversible multifocality via the planned dual lens procedure.

Contact: SurgiVision (AUS) 1300 995 132 or (NZ) 8999 3323