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Thursday / May 30.
HomemiproductsiStent inject W

iStent inject W

iStent inject W represents the next generation of Glaukos trabecular micro-bypass technology, which has been proven safe and effective in over one million eyes worldwide.

iStent inject W is the gold standard in micro-invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS), continuing the legacy of excellence set throughout 20 years of iStent devices. It’s backed by the most robust, diverse, and longest-term body of clinical evidence for any MIGS procedure available today, driven through clinical rigour and integrity.

iStent inject W is designed to reduce intraocular pressure by bypassing the primary source of resistance to improve aqueous outflow through the conventional pathway. It is indicated for the treatment of mild to moderate open angle glaucoma in patients undergoing cataract surgery or as a standalone procedure.

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