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Thursday / May 30.
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VisuAll Visual Testing Technology

The VisuAll is a virtual reality (VR) visual field perimeter designed for standardised and mobile assessment of the visual field. This fully featured perimeter is a portable platform that tests perimetry (mono/binocular, visual acuity, colour, mobility and pupillometry).

Based on VR, artificial intelligence (AI), and augmented technology, it enables eyecare providers to monitor common eye diseases.

The VisuAll provides the benefits of:

  • Productivity, allowing providers to control more than one device at a time,
  • Workflow efficiency, providing instructions and reducing staff load, and
  • Ambient control – the VR set blocks the light, which means there’s no need for a dark room.

The VisuAll was validated at the Wills Eye Hospital, and according to the company, a cross-sectional reference study demonstrated that it is as good as, if not better, than the Humphrey Field Analyser.

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