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Wednesday / July 17.
HomeminewsMyopia Progression in Children Conference, 10 June 2023

Myopia Progression in Children Conference, 10 June 2023

The ever-expanding spectrum of innovation and intervention for myopia progression in children will be discussed at the second annual Myopia Progression in Children Conference (MPIC), to be hosted in Sydney on 10 June.

Hosted by Dr Loren Rose – with presentations by Drs Shanel Sharma, and Trent Sandercoe, and optometrists Mariella Coluccio and Homma Ebrahimi – refractive and pharmacological interventions currently available in Australia will be explored. Additionally, suppliers will be onsite to demonstrate devices and engage in robust discussion.

Presentations will include the use of TGA-approved atropine 0.01% (Eikance) to control myopia.

Pharmacological Options

Presentations will include the use of TGA-approved atropine 0.01% (Eikance) to control myopia. Additionally, the use of slightly higher atropine concentrations available from compound pharmacies will be discussed, highlighting with recent publications demonstrating efficacy to be dose responsive.

Refractive Options in the Spotlight

The key features of new lens technologies currently available and about to be launched will also be discussed, including the Stellest lens by EssilorLuxottica, MiyoSmart by Hoya, MyCon by Rodenstock, and a new lens by Zeiss Care.

Industry representatives will be onsite to engage in detailed discussions on the specifics of their respective myopia control lenses.

New: Red Light Therapy

Another innovation that has captured practitioners’ interest and promises to change the future of myopia progression is red light therapy.

Initially, red light therapy was used internationally for amblyopia treatment. More recently, it has been adapted for myopic children to be prescribed for two intervals of three minutes daily.

Recent local and international publications have demonstrated the use of red light therapy to substantially reduce axial length progression rate. With more studies on the way, Eyerising international will have its red light therapy device present for discussion and use at MPIC 2023.

Register For MPIC 2023

During a full day of conferencing, speakers will discuss ways to safely provide individualized management to different myopic patients, and troubleshoot complex cases. Devices and techniques, such as axial length measurement, will be demonstrated and practical tips will be offered for use in the clinic.

Optometry Australia has allocated up to six CPD hours, including 4.75T and 0.5i, for attendees on the day and up to six CPD hours, including 4.25T, for virtual attendees who will have access to the recordings.