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Saturday / May 18.
HomeminewsQUT mivision Media Award to Vivian Lu

QUT mivision Media Award to Vivian Lu

Third-year Bachelor of Vision Science student Vivian Lu, from Queensland University of Technology’s (QUT) Optometry and Vision Science School, has been awarded the 2023 mivision media communication award.

The award recognises the most innovative and engaging media communication tool that can be used in optometry practice as part of the School’s unit, Binocular Vision.

Ms Lu was awarded for an infographic she designed to simplify key messages about orthokeratology (OK) as a myopia control treatment.

Noting that “orthokeratology is a very complicated myopia control treatment”, Associate Professor Katrina Schmid, Head of School, said Ms Lu’s infographic “simplifies the information and makes it so appealing and fun”.

“Children will want to look at the teddy bears and see what they are doing in each of the pictures. It is a visually appealing infographic but is comprehensive about describing myopia, and how OK lenses work. The fact that you sleep in these lenses has been highlighted throughout by the moon and stars, the sleeping teddies, and the great functional outcome of seeing clearly during the day.”

The panel engaged to judge submissions agreed that Ms Lu’s Sleeping your way to clearer vision with orthokeratology infographic best met the judging criteria. “It was highly original, and children will think it appealing and fun. All the important information on the topic was included. Ms Lu was the group’s designated illustrator and creative director and thus made the most important contribution to the infographic. It is very creative and original in design,” they wrote.

Commenting on the submission Ms Lu said, “My main task for the assessment involved designing and drawing the infographic which undoubtedly tested my creative abilities… tackling the challenge was enjoyable and I appreciated this assignment as a creative outlet whilst learning valuable information on myopia control.