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Thursday / June 13.
HomeminewsAustralian Start-up Launches Dry Eye Skin Care

Australian Start-up Launches Dry Eye Skin Care

Optometrists Billy Chang, Jeremy Chan and Kwang Cham have turned their attention to cosmetics, developing an eye care brand that seeks to alleviate signs and symptoms of dry eye disease.

Their business, known as Aelo, is one of 11 “outstanding startups” to be supported by the Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP) in 2023. MAP was launched in 2012 as one of the first startup accelerators in Australia, and in 2016 was ranked the eighth best University-aligned accelerator in the world.

Instead of viewing eye hygiene as a mere medical necessity… we envision a world where using our products and following our eye hygiene routine becomes a part of a person’s daily self-care ritual

As beneficiaries of MAP, Aelo has been provided with AU$20,000 equity-free funding, inner-city office space and access to Australia’s best business minds to help them accelerate their growth.

Improving Education and Compliance

Mr Chang said he and his co- founders were motivated to establish Aelo by the need to improve patient education and drive compliance with managing dry eye.

“As optometrists, we recognise that dry eye care starts with education and routine eye hygiene with our patients.

However, we realise that while we promote these principles in practice, they don’t always resonate with patients as strongly as we’d like,” he said.

Mr Chang said he hopes people will use Aelo products and practise a routine in the same way they practise regular skincare.

“Instead of viewing eye hygiene as a mere medical necessity, or addressing it when symptoms arise, we envision a world where using our products and following our eye hygiene routine becomes a part of daily self-care rituals.”

“We know that patients tend to stop hygiene practices when symptoms have alleviated but we know very well that the problem most always comes back, and the never-ending dry eye cycle continues. By crafting a beautiful brand around our offerings, we aim to change perceptions and encourage consistent eye practices,” he said.

Expanding Eye Care Range

Aelo products currently consist of an eyelid/eyelash cleanser and an electronic heated eye mask, with more products on the way. The proprietary cleanser has been formulated with the eyes and skin around the eyes in mind, to leave the eyes clean while also leaving the skin around the eyes soft and supple.

“Unlike conventional cleansers, which may neglect the sensitive skin and worsen conditions like ocular/facial rosacea, ours cater to both eye and skin needs,” Mr Chang explained.

“Our electronic heated eye mask provides consistent heat around the eyes at 37-40° for 10 to 15 minutes. It also has massaging functions to allow the user to relax and feel good at the same time.”

Education Platform

The Aelo education platform is a work in progress that currently consists of a dry eye database, dry eye directory, and a Instagram account to serve both the general public and optometrists.

“Our goal is to offer a centralised platform that keeps optometrists updated on the latest advancements and staged treatment methods for dry eyes,” said Mr Chang.

Visit Aelo: www.aelo.com.au