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Tuesday / June 25.
HomeminewsB+L Takes New Multifocal CL on the Road

B+L Takes New Multifocal CL on the Road

Bausch & Lomb has commenced a national roadshow for its new daily disposable silicone hydrogel multifocal contact lens, describing it as “the most progressive daily disposable multifocal lens on the market”. 

At the first of nine events, Bausch and Lomb National Professional Services Manager Simon Hanna told a packed audience in Sydney that the lens, with its three-zone progressive design, had been a “long time coming”. 

He said the lens was specifically designed to address the needs of ageing eyes, with Advanced MoistureSeal and ComfortFeel technologies, and the proven 3-Zone Progressive Design. 

“On one side you have the Advanced MoistureSeal increasing the moisture and then retaining that moisture for 16 hours.  

“On the other side, you’re using eye health ingredients (in the ComfortFeel technology) that are supporting patients that are starting to have issues with their eyes.”  

The third component of the lens was the 3-Zone Progressive Design, which Mr Hanna said ensures the multifocal contact lens is “designed for (a) patient’s age, pupil size, and refraction”.  

“Now of course, above and beyond these three technologies, what underpins these contact lenses… are these staple items that we have that allow us to call this lens the most complete daily disposable contact lens with a design offering: High oxygen, high moisture, low modulus, easy handling and a UV blocker… it seems to be ‘a burger with the lot’, you get everything in the one contact lens,” Mr Hanna said. 

Easy Fit 

Mr Hanna said the advanced technology in the lens meant 87% of patients were “successfully fit in one visit” with the successful fitting rate rising to 99% after a second visit. 

“Now that one visit might actually be the comprehensive exam that you’re doing on the day, so it may mean you don’t have to ask the patient to return for their fitting appointment… that gives you, your patients and your practice staff reassurance that there’s going to be no mucking around.”  

Mr Hanna used three case studies to illustrate the advantages of the new multifocal contact lens. Attendees were later asked to work out the prescriptions needed for these patients.  

Patient Feedback 

Mr Hanna said the Ultra One Day Multifocal provided wearers with a “newfound visual freedom”: 

  • 90% agreed the lens allowed them to effortlessly move between tasks throughout the day, 
  • 88% agreed the lens provided all day comfort and continuously clear vision, 
  • 87% agreed the lens prevented their eyes from feeling tired and fatigued when focussing on digital devices for lengthy periods, and 
  • 83% agreed the lens helped provide clear vision when driving at night. 

A Growing Market  

The roadshow audience also heard from Bausch & Lomb’s Marketing Manager Dan White, who said that with almost 48% of the Australian population now over the age of 40, “potentially almost one in every two Australians could already be experiencing the signs and symptoms of presbyopia”. 

He said the multifocal contact lens market was growing rapidly, with multifocal contact lenses “actually growing faster than the general total market”. 

Mr White said Bausch and Lomb’s market research, conducted in the leadup to the launch of the Ultra One Day Multifocal found that 84% of 533 presbyopes surveyed wore spectacles; 10% wore contact lenses; and 6% weren’t wearing any vision correction. 

He said while (87%) of the spectacle wearers were satisfied with their glasses, the same wasn’t true of contact lens wearers, with most “very apathetic” about their existing multifocal contact lenses. 

Contact lens wearers reported that the factors important to them were comfort, ability to use while driving and driving at night, and vision quality, Mr White said. Yet most of the respondees indicated their existing lenses were “not quite at the level that these individuals are hoping”. 

“It really does suggest there’s a real gap in the market here,” he said. 

The Bausch & Lomb roadshow includes Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, and Geelong in May, and the Gold Coast and Brisbane in June.