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Sunday / June 26.
HomemilastwordThe Last Word: The Independent Optom, The Patient and the Extremely Blurry Eye

The Last Word: The Independent Optom, The Patient and the Extremely Blurry Eye

Jennifer couldn’t understand what was happening with the vision in her right eye. When she had awoken, her eyes were just fine, but after putting in her coloured contact lenses, the vision in the right eye went so blurry that she could hardly see out of it.

“Goodness! I’d better go to the emergency room and have it examined,” she thought to herself.

For some reason Jennifer changed her route and headed straight for her local independent optometrist, upset by what was happening to her vision.

Jennifer breathlessly told the optometric technician of her blurry vision, who advised her to remove the contacts so he could do some pretesting on her eye.

The optometrist also became concerned about her condition after consulting with the technician.

He was well aware that sudden vision loss and/or blurring are mostly associated with very serious visual health problems such as retinal detachment, angle closure glaucoma or other neurological eye problems.

At first, the doctor was baffled. Jennifer was not displaying any symptoms or vision loss associated with a retinal detachment or any other serious eye problem. Her right eye was just very blurry – for seemingly no reason.

The doctor then looked at Victoria’s right eye under magnification with the slit lamp and was stunned at what he’d discovered.

“There is a second clear contact lens on your right eye,” he told a bemused Jennifer. But Jennifer did not wear clear contacts – hers were coloured contacts. This was very strange. Where on earth did a clear contact lens come from?

Suddenly, it all became clear. “Oh my God! That must be my husband’s contact lens! He must have put it in my lens case with my coloured contacts by accident!” she exclaimed.

Somehow, her husband’s clear contact lens must have been stuck to Jennifer’s coloured contact lens when she put in her contacts that morning. It then remained on her eye when she took out her coloured contacts at the optometrist’s office.

“Maybe my husband was just keeping an eye out for me,” a relieved Jennifer joked.


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