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Wednesday / June 19.
HomemitwocentsAs I See It: Back To Work

As I See It: Back To Work

As December was the month for winding down, for relaxing and reflecting on the labours of a tough year, and then loosening the belt to accommodate the growing Christmas girth, so by mid-January most of us are back to work, tightened fiscal belts and the nose vertical to the grindstone.

The kids moan about going back to school, but simultaneously look forward to catching up with old friends and making new ones. Businesses rewind the rubber band, stretching the budget but hopefully not breaking it. Everyone looks for better ways to make a buck, to oil the wheels and squeeze another drop from the big banks’ interest rate hikes. Any extra dollar that will make it all work is pursued.

Last year had many challenges on a global and local canvas. Global warming is a matter for the whole planet and curing blindness one for the specialists. 2010 promises better times but the way forward is not paved by wishful thinking. The sense of renewal or at least a chance to start refreshed is a powerful and useful one. A sort of natural Viagra for the economy perhaps?

Summertime for me starts in October and doesn’t finish until April Fools Day (i.e. the cricket season). The New Year doesn’t really start until the Sydney Cricket Ground Test kicks off and throughout the rest of January the international teams play against Australia from Hobart to Brisbane. January is the ‘high season’ for cricket. No wonder you can’t get a plumber or electrician until late in the month… they’re either at a match or glued to the TV!
With schools back in action it becomes much safer to go to the beach or the local parks as the pick up cricket games no longer threaten to disrupt the family picnic or ‘falcon’ Aunty Joan in the midst of her latte.

The sense of renewal, or at least a chance to start refreshed is a powerful and useful one. A sort of natural Viagra for the economy perhaps?

While new starts and great hopes for the year concern everyone so do the efforts of our vision charities.

Say Yes Today

Last year, World Sight Day challenge was another significant success but as with all philanthropic endeavours, the demand for funds and the services that Optometry can then deliver are always increasing.

In 2010 Optometry Giving Sight will be launching a new campaign called ‘Say YES today for a better tomorrow’. The concept is that we need urgent help to give sight to 300,000 people by 30 June.

Funds raised through the campaign will be used to establish 10 Vision Centres, equip five Optical Labs and train 27 Optometric Professionals (including optometrists and optometric technicians). The idea being that one community-based vision centre can provide sustainable vision care services for up to 3,000 people per year. 10 vision centres over 10 years will give up to 300,000 people the gift of vision.

As you know, we believe that the only way to help give sight to the 670 million people who do not have access to the eye exams and glasses they need is to fund sustainable programs that focus on developing infrastructure, such as vision centres and training local eye care professionals – as well as of course delivering vision care.