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Friday / June 21.
HomeminewsFive Years: Fifty Thousand Procedures

Five Years: Fifty Thousand Procedures

Melbourne’s Victoria Parade Surgery Centre (VPSC) has celebrated its fifth yearof operation and 50,000th procedure.

The privately owned centre, offers comprehensive ophthalmic surgery covering all ophthalmic sub-specialties including vitreo-retina, cataract, other anterior segment surgery including corneal grafts, ocular plastics, glaucoma and paediatric surgery. It currently performs up to 30 per cent of Victoria’s corneal grafts.

The five theatre ophthalmic, ear, nose and throat specialty day surgery hospital, was conceived six years ago, and today is one of the largest in the country. Currently more than 50 surgeons regularly operate at the centre which occupies an entire floor at 100 Victoria Parade on ‘s city fringe.

Kristy Challingsworth, the Chief Financial Officer of VPSC says that one advantage of this high concentration of sub specialist and general ophthalmic surgeons is the centre’s ability to offer its surgeons and patients combined procedures on the one admission. Anterior and vitreo-retinal surgeons and oculoplastic and ENT surgeons regularly work together.

Anterior and vitreo-retinal surgeons and oculoplastic and ENT surgeons regularly work together

The concept behind VPSC evolved from a common concern, among a group of Melbourne ophthalmologists and ENT surgeons, over the provision of day surgery for their patients. At issue, they believed, was a long held debate over large general hospitals versus small day surgeries.

The group perceived that large general hospitals offering services covering a broad range of surgical disciplines spread themselves thin and that both they and their patients would be better served with a specialist surgical centre, focused solely on their specialties. One where the infrastructure was purpose built for their own and their patient’s needs. Especially one where the nurses themselves specialised in their area, allowing focused high quality nursing care.

Aside from providing for optimal patient outcomes, the surgeons believed that such a centre would also allow for optimal productivity and for capital expenditure to be focused on always providing the latest and best equipment in their field – something not always achievable at smaller day surgery facilities.

When VPSC opened its doors in 2006, the surgeons operated from just three purpose built theatres. Following the group’s initial success, a fourth and fifth theatre were opened in 2009. VPSC continues to grow and in 2012, Ms. Challingsworth anticipates the Centre will provide surgery for 8,000 patients.

According to the group’s newly appointed Chairman, Mr. Bruce Growcott, the plan is to maintain VPSC at the forefront of ophthalmic and ENT surgery. “I am committed to the owners’ original vision of providing the best, safest, highest quality and most up to date day surgery in the country for our patients” said Mr. Growcott. “VPSC will continue do this by concentrating on what matters most, patient care and supporting our many great surgeons.”