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Sunday / June 26.
HomeminewsOP’s Optical Products New Direction

OP’s Optical Products New Direction

OP’s Optical Products has announced that it has been appointed as sales support agent for Charmant Group in Australia.

Until recently, OP’s distributed Charmant Group products in Australia, along with its own home branded products and other brands that included Elle, Puma and Esprit.

“We’re slowly running out our house brand products and we ended our relationship with De Rigo some time ago,” said Paula Bain, OP’s Marketing Manager. “Moving forward, in Australia, we are just Charmant although we’ll still be known by our customers as OP’s Optical Products.”

Ms Bain said that OP’s Optical Products and the Japanese Charmant Group have enjoyed a long-standing, close relationship that goes back over 18 years. She said the companies formed a joint venture more than 10 years ago and four years later, OP’s bought out the Charmant subsidiary that enabled the OP’s to manufacuer its own brand and represent others.

OP’s Optical Products said that Diane Quaife will remain on as Managing Director and there will be no change to existing staff structures…

“The market has changed dramatically and we want to give our customers great service going forward,” said Ms. Bain.

“Going back to Charmant will create stability for our market, by ensuring we can offer more efficient service and maintain a regular supply of stock,” she said.

“We’ve only just announced this to our customers but we’re hoping the news will be received in the same positive light as it was when we joint ventured with Charmant Group over 10 years ago.”

Speaking of the move, Mr. Masao Miyachi, the President of Charmant Inc, says: “Our brands have been present in Australia over many past years and have well been received. I am confident that this change will benefit our customers and the users. I hope that penetration (in the market) of our latest innovation for the next generation in eyewear, Excellence Titan and products made of that will be further accelerated by this positive step”.

OP’s Optical Products will continue to distribute its home brand products in New Zealand as well as Martin Well and Excel, Cazal, Verge and Legacie brands. The company will offer warranty support for discontinued products in Australia. OP’s Optical Products said that Diane Quaife will remain on as Managing Director and there will be no change to existing staff structures.


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