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Friday / May 24.
HomeminewsTom Davies Eyewear Launches in Malaysia

Tom Davies Eyewear Launches in Malaysia

Optometry specialists, Eyecon Optometry Network (Eyecon), has launched TD Tom Davies Bespoke, the world’s first luxury made-to-measure eyewear service in Malaysia.

Malaysia is also the first country in Asia to launch this exciting bespoke service following the appointment of Eyecon as the sole distributor by the award-winning British luxury eyewear brand.

TD Tom Davies, helmed by British spectacle designer Tom Davies, has revolutionised eyewear by introducing bespoke frames that are designed and hand-made to suit a person’s face, skin tone, physical characteristics and lifestyle.

Having a frame designed and made for you is like a combination of ordering a bespoke suit and re-designing your own face. You get spectacles or sunglasses that fit perfectly, in exactly the colours and materials you choose, and designed specifically around your natural features.

They are made for spectacle wearers who want the perfect fit and trendsetters who are seeking their signature style…

According to Eyecon Chief Executive Officer, Murphy Chan, while consumers could spend thousands of ringgit on designing and tailoring their wardrobe, there was simply no option for personalisation when it came to spectacles or sunglasses until TD Tom Davies came long.

“For many, glasses are the defining features of their faces and something they will wear every day for years on end. Eyecon is proud to introduce TD Tom Davies Bespoke frames to discerning Malaysians. They are made for spectacle wearers who want the perfect fit and trendsetters who are seeking their signature style,” he said.

During the consultation, the customer chooses his or her preferred frame. The optometrist then takes a sophisticated series of measurements and photographs, chooses colours, shapes and materials and input them into the online design wizard.

TD Tom Davies designers in London will then provide a portfolio of three designs which gives a realistic idea of what the frames look like on the customer’s face.

Once the option is chosen, the frame is hand-made using a combination of traditional techniques and modern machinery. One of the features most liked by TD Tom Davies customers is having their names laser-engraved discreetly on the inside of one of the arms as the finishing touch.

Typically, the entire process, from consultation to delivery, takes about three weeks.

TD Tom Davies Bespoke was launched in conjunction with the official opening of Eyecon’s flagship outlet at The Gardens, Mid Valley City. The outlet, one of the 12 Eyecon Optometry Centres nationwide, promises a new experience in eye care.

Instead of opticians, every Eyecon Optometry Centre is managed by optometrists who are trained to detect eye disease or evidence of systemic abnormalities. Optometrists are also able to provide more comprehensive eye care and advice to the public.

Eyecon Optometry Centres also use state-of-the-art equipment and machines that are able to offer a comprehensive analysis of the health of your eyes. In addition to the usual range of products, they also offer customised solutions for frames and lenses.

According to Chan, Eyecon aimed to provide a totally new eye care experience to the public as the “trusted eye care advisor”.

“We currently have 12 centres nationwide and aim to increase the number through our franchise programme. Our vision is to become a world-class optometry network that is able to deliver professional and holistic eye care services and innovative solutions that enhance and enrich lives,” he said.

Since the network’s formation in 2010, Eyecon has been providing vision testing and free eyewear to underprivileged children through its Penglihatan Jelas, Prestasi Cemerlang (PJPC) Corporate Responsibility campaign.

In conjunction with the launch of TD Tom Davies Bespoke, Eyecon announced that it will be sponsoring eyewear and eye care for one underprivileged child with every purchase from the range.

For more information about Eyecon and TD Tom Davies Bespoke go to: www.eyecon.com.my.