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Wednesday / April 17.
HomemistoryThe Year That Was

The Year That Was

Another year has slipped by and it is timely to reflect on the year that’s gone. What are the achievements in the Year of the Snake, that come to mind – personally and professionally? How have they prepared the eye care professions for 2014? We looked back at some of the key news stories over the past 12 months that shaped the professions to see how they will impact the year ahead.

Raging Glaucoma Debate

In late March, the Optometry Board of Australia (OBA) released revised guidelines on the management of patients with glaucoma.The announcement had ophthalmologists in a spin, and in April, mivision reported on a meeting between eye care professionals and the OBA to discuss the decision. With no re-dress in sight, the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists and the Australian Society of Ophthalmologists set off to the Supreme Court to take their concerns one step further. We’re still waiting on the outcome of this bitter dispute, which unfortunately – if a resolution isn’t reached soon – threatens to undermine professional relationships between optometry and ophthalmology.

ODMA 2013, Here, There…

While many in the eye care professions were dubious about ODMA’s plan to move its biennial fair from Sydney to Brisbane earlier this year, event organiser Gary Fitz-Roy, from Expertise Events, was always optimistic because, as he told mivision in January, the move was “in response to (members’) feedback” and, he assured our readers, “other positive changes” had been made as well. Those who weren’t convinced remained unconvinced until the day of the show itself, when they had to admit it was a “success”, as mivision reported in July. ODMA’s Chairman, Richard Grills said, “the excitement vibe was there”. CEO Ms. Finola Carey said, “The overall response to the exhibition (was) fantastic.”

A Sign of the Times

On 1 February, mivision advised the Eye Show London had abruptly cancelled its show and gone into receivership. In June a new optical show popped up in its place when Media 10 announced that 100% Optical will be staged at the London Exhibition and Convention Centre (ExCel) from 16–18 February 2014.

Going Once, Going Twice, Gone…

In late January, mivision published an image of (then) Prime Minister Julia Gillard as she stepped up at the Press Club in hipster glasses to announce the 2013 election date. Much fuss was made over the PM’s new look and whether it signaled a new style of leadership too. Over the ensuing six months, Ms. Gillard frequently appeared in groovy glasses to defend her right to lead the country… until just 10 weeks out from her nominated election date, when she was overthrown. Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd stepped in… and the rest, of course, is history.

Coming, Coming, Still Coming…

Back in September 2012, Google’s Project Glass was rumoured to launch in early 2013. Early this year, mivision reported the rumours were almost a reality – Google had developed a virtual QWERTY keyboard in readiness for the launch. We inched closer in August when Project Glass was rebadged Google Glass. As we near the year-end, although some techno-boffins have been given Google Glass to try, the punters are still waiting. And in the meantime, there are several other competitive projects moving in on this futuristic space.

The Ageing Eye

In March, Vision Australia expressed concern that senior Australians with disabilities may fall through the cracks with the introduction of a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) capped at the age of 65. The Macular Disease Foundation took hold of the issue and developed a major campaign, which continues to gain momentum as the year draws to a close.