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Monday / July 15.
HomemiproductsTitanFlex: Limitless Design Possibilities

TitanFlex: Limitless Design Possibilities

Eschenbach says the Swiss pilot Vito Wyprachtiger typifies the motto, Your life – supported by Titanflex.

“In 2013, Vito became the first European pilot to win the prestigious Reno Air Race. The daring Swiss saw the need for tough, flexible yet stylish, eyewear – and so he chose Titanflex.

“Just as Vito leads the way in air races, so Titanflex leads the way in eyewear for men. Technical innovation has been central to Vito’s air racing success, as it is in the success of Titanflex eyewear.”

The company says design possibilities are now limitless thanks to the development of its “performance design technology” construction, which enables bridges and sides to be made from sheet metal Titanflex.

Titanflex is available from European Eyewear. Call (AUS) 03 8805 1555