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Thursday / June 20.
HomeminewsYounger Optics NuPolar Gradients

Younger Optics NuPolar Gradients

Younger Optics has launched a polycarbonate semi-finished single vision lens which provides 98 per cent polarisation co-efficiency. NuPolar Gradient lenses, which are available in grey and brown “almost entirely block blinding glare”. According to a company spokesperson, “ordinary gradient lenses are tinted on the surface using a painstaking process that can sometimes provide undesirable or inconsistent results”. “NuPolar Gradient lenses are different, because the gradient is encapsulated within the lens as a part of the polarising film.

This patented encapsulated gradient technology prevents fading and discolouration of the lens over time. It also completely removes the need to surface tint the lens, meaning consistent matching every time.”