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Saturday / June 22.
HomeminewsBenQ Monitor Softer on the Eyes, Claims Competition Winner

BenQ Monitor Softer on the Eyes, Claims Competition Winner

Dr. Gavin Boneham, optometrist and Visiting Fellow at the School of Optometry, University of New South Wales, was the proud recipient of a BenQ 27” Monitor in November, the result of a mivision competition run in conjunction with BenQ.

Dr. Boneham said he was pleasantly surprised to be announced the winner of the BenQ monitor and, having installed it, has been pleased with the performance.

“Considering the recent research into the damaging effects of blue light on the retina, as well as the contribution to blue light to eye strain, I was interested to test the screen out,”Dr. Boneham told mivision.

“After using the screen for a couple of weeks I have noticed the image quality to be much ‘softer’ than my previous screens, making it easier to look at and thus reducing eye strain.

According to BenQ, the technology eliminates flicker and minimises blue light exposure. Its monitors have four preset low blue light modes (Multimedia, Websurfing, Office and Reading Mode).

Dr. Boneham thanked mivision and BenQ for providing the monitor.