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Monday / April 15.
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Frame and Lens Packages

Frame and lens packages are a no-brainer for most optometric practices, reducing paperwork, freight costs and time. Plus they ensure you can keep selling stock from frame samples on display while efficiently filling customer orders.

With around 30 per cent of optometrists located within 50 metres of their closest competitor, it stands to reason that competition, particularly at the budget end of the spectacle market, can be intense.

That makes it important to carefully manage your stock and ensure you can turn out scripted spectacles and sunglasses pronto to meet customer expectations.

It also makes it essential to control your cost of doing business and maximise every opportunity to make a sale.

Frame and lens distributors increasingly offer their customers access to online business-to-business systems

Increasingly in Australia, frame suppliers are offering optical retailers frame and lens packages to help optical retailers do this. By partnering with lens laboratories or running their own lab, they are able to supply packages within fixed price brackets and with quick turn-around.

Many of these companies will allow you to purchase sample frames on consignment, facilitating a risk-free strategy that guarantees you won’t be left out of pocket if stock doesn’t sell.

Furthermore, whenever you make a sale, you simply send the product code and lens prescription to the frame and lens supplier and they’ll send you the complete package. The frame samples you sell from can remain on the shelf, ready to show the next customer who walks through the door.

Companies like Bonastar, Mondottica, Shaan, Rodenstock, General Optical, JuzVision, Optique Line and Opticare all offer frame and lens packages, each with a wide variety of frames to choose from and lenses that range from the most basic through to freeform digital progressives with tinting and world class superhydrophobic and oleophobic AR coatings.

For customers who require eye protection while playing sport or in the workplace, Shamir Occupational Health and Safety sells cost effective quality frame and lens packages that offer a broad choice in frame style and lenses to suit different environments.

Consult, Pick and Choose

You want to be sure you’re not stocking the same product as the practice down the road, and you want to be confident the stock you hold will march out the door.

Experienced sales reps are the perfect people to consult about the frames to stock in your store that can be packaged with stock lenses. After all, chances are they know your market, what’s selling through your competition and, therefore, the frames that will give your practice a point of difference.

A good sales rep will work with you to manage your stock over time, helping you display frames in ways that will attract attention, to move stock out that hasn’t caught your customers’ eye and to identify new opportunities. Working with a small number of proactive reps will ensure you receive the full benefit of their personalised service and can often lead to preferential arrangements.

Electronic Ordering

Frame and lens distributors increasingly offer their customers access to online business-to-business (B2B) systems.

These systems enable you, as the optical practitioner, to enter your customers’ details directly into the ordering system, reducing the chances of order error via miscommunication over the phone, by email or handwritten fax. Additionally, the 3D tracing capabilities that come with some of these systems will help you choose the optimum lens for the selected frame.

Online business-to-business systems will often present you with distributors’ complete collections, enabling you to make frame recommendations outside the stock you carry in store and to search for specific frame and lens shapes, colours or styles. New stock and special offers will also be on display that you can draw on as required.

Importantly, B2B systems can be useful when it comes to educating patients on the features of different lenses on the market.

Finally, practices that take advantage of online ordering systems can get orders underway as soon as a sale is completed, then track their jobs in real-time, which helps with administrative management and keeping customers up to date on when they can expect their new specs to arrive.

Four Step Process

  1. A customer chooses a frame from your display.
  2. You send the distributor or laboratory an order for the frame fitted with the required prescription lens to meet the customer’s needs.
  3. The distributor or laboratory fits the lens to the frame and sends it
    to your practice.
  4. You fit the frames to the customer’s face.

Frame and Lens Packages to Suit


Bonastar has been supplying frame and lens packages for a few years, enabling independent practices to offer customers two-for-one and no gap frame and lens deals. Now, with increased fitting lab capacity and a broader choice of frames and lenses, Bonastar packages are attracting a greater number of independent retailers as well as chain stores.

Bonastar’s iSave and Value packages support busy practices with the most competitive prices, returning respectable margins, and with risk-free consignment stock. Style packages keep customers on trend with fast moving Mars Fashion frames. Each Style package comes with a high quality microfibre pouch.

Bonastar can supply packages with any type of lenses, from single vision to bifocal and free-form progressives, in any index, and with a choice of materials and coatings.

The company’s streamlined online system enables customers to order frames and lenses online, local lab fitting enables a fast turnaround of two to five working days for a completed job, and urgent orders can be shipped within 24 hours upon request.

Contact: Bonastar (AUS) 1300 763 988 or 02 9310 1688
or visit www.bonastar.com.au


Mondottica/Essilor’s Sun Rx program includes a comprehensive range of models for both men and women across the fashion brands JAG and David Lawrence. All frame and lens packages are offered to the optical retailer at one affordable price, making this a system that is simple to understand and implement.

Within the package pricing, Essilor provides a range of lens styles from single vision to multifocal in both polarising and non-polarising versions.

The range is continually being updated with the latest fashion styles and colours.

Contact: Essilor representative or Mondottica (AUS) 02 8436 6666


Shaan has been selling its Magic frame and lens packages for over 13 years.
For the uninitiated, these packages consist of a Magic frame, fitted with your lens of choice.

Magic frames are supplied to practices for use as display stock. When placing an order, optical retailers simply send through the required Rx and frame details then Shaan sends the complete package back.

Shaan can supply any lens design in any material or coating, from the simple 1.49 or 1.56 stock lenses kept on hand or any basic grind lens you can think of, through to the company’s most technical digital progressive designs.

Magic frames are manufactured from monel metal and use quality component parts. According to Shaan, they’re covered with a clear lacquer so the colour lasts longer and are more resistant to corrosion than cheaper alternatives. Soft silicone nose pads add comfort and a two-year warranty period, described by Shaan as “the easiest going warranty around”, provides customers with confidence.

Shaan’s Magic frames have been supplied by the same manufacturer for over 20 years. The collection ranges from conservative to trendy, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Contact: Shaan (AUS) 07 3205 3324


GenOp’s new Designer Eyewear program is open to all optical retailers looking for value and a competitive edge.

The offer includes affordable pricing for international designer brands, and, for Premier accounts, a free second pair. This is supported by:

  • New Point of Sale including posters and consumer collateral, social media images and flyers;
  • Complimentary fitting on all GenOp lab jobs.

Brands included in the Designer Eyewear program are Lacoste, Calvin Klein, Nike, Nautica, bebe, and Nine West.

Contact: GenOp (AUS) 02 9697 8036

Optique Line

Australian owned companies Optique Line and CR Surfacing have joined forces to supply independent optometrists with two well-priced premium optical frame and lens packages.

The Australian ‘See & Save’ program supports practices by offering packages that are competitive while still enabling the practice to maintain a respectable margin.

The See & Save program comprises two optical frame brands, the Gemini Collection and Gemini Essentials. Both are regularly updated and always represent current styling.

Contact your local rep or visit optiqueline.com.au to view and order your display stock.


Opticare is a 100 per cent Australian owned and operated independent company with a wide portfolio of affordable designer frames and lens packages to suit all your patients’ needs.

The collection includes Instyle Kids’ playful metals and plastic frames for younger patients; Hyde’s charismatic, modern-retro frames for men and women; Aston Smith’s distinct, robust and sleek design for males and Deborah Hayes timeless vintage silhouettes with elegant detailing.

Opticare’s frames can be paired with the highest quality lenses for a complete hassle free package. Frame and fit packages are available on consignment and can be ordered online with ease using Optilink.

Order your frame and fit package online through Optilink before midday to receive your order the following business day!*

Contact: Opticare (AUS) 1800 251 852 or email [email protected]

* Standard lens orders only

Frames Etcetera

Frames Etcetera has a long history of working to improve the supply logistics for independent optometrists. To this effect, the company established frame and lens packages with preferred laboratories for the Capri brand, as well as private label brands for the major buying groups. Recently Frames Etcetera extended its frame and lens package brand portfolio to include the Onyx sunglass collection and the Zana&Max optical collection. This month a new titanium collection has been added to the suite.

The Onyx sunglass collection is a competitively priced, on trend sunglass collection with four-base curve and an even mix of male and female designs.

Zana&Max is an exciting new optical collection that will expand the diversity of designs available within the frame and lens package collection.

Frames Etcetera (AUS) 1800 708 771