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Friday / April 19.
HomeminewsNSW Franchisee Support Group

NSW Franchisee Support Group

Optometry NSW/ACT has established a Franchisee Support Group, enabling franchisees to connect anonymously online to a forum where ideas and concerns can be shared, support offered and authoritative advice provided.

Andrew McKinnon, CEO of Optometry NSW/ACT said the group had been established in response to a direct need. “There are a lot of franchisees out there giving each other conflicting advice as significant issues arise – some are coming towards the end of their franchise agreement, others are re-negotiating terms or they have had a disagreement with their franchisor. There are also a number of different franchisees seeking professional advice on the same topic from different sources and so collectively, paying for the same information multiple times.

“The Franchisee Support Group will enable individual franchisees to share their ideas / concerns via a Google Groups forum. Franchisees will enter an alias and will be unidentifiable except by Optometry NSW/ACT which will administer the site. Anonymity is important because many franchisee agreements have confidentiality clauses which prohibit open discussion of contractual arrangements,” he said.

Andrew McKinnon said when significant issues arise, Optometry NSW/ACT, will have access to lawyers that specialise in franchising and advice received can then be fed back to forum members.

For further information, on a confidential basis, contact Optometry NSW/ACT on (AUS) 02 9712 2199 or [email protected]