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Thursday / February 22.
HomeminewsJennifer Gersbeck Joins Fred Hollows

Jennifer Gersbeck Joins Fred Hollows

Jennifer Gersbeck is to join The Fred Hollows Foundation as Director of Global Partnerships and Advocacy after 11 and a half years as CEO of Vision 2020.

In a statement, Ms. Gersbeck said, “I’m proud of what has been achieved through the hard work and commitment of all those involved in the eye health and vision care sector. I’m also very thankful to the dedicated Board and staff who have made Vision 2020 Australia the successful and well-respected organisation that it is today.”

Reflecting on the success of Vision 2020, she said, “if I had to pick three words to describe what actions contributed most to this success they would be influence, unity and message. It might sound simple, but the truth is we made sure we influenced the right decision-makers; we brought the sector together and demonstrated a united front; and we always knew what we wanted to achieve and were clear about what we were asking for. Undeniably, the success of Vision 2020 Australia is the sector’s collective victory. Much has been achieved working with, and supported by, our 50 member organisations.”

Ms. Gerbeck said she was excited about moving to The Fred Hollows Foundation. “To bring us a step closer to eliminating avoidable blindness we need effective partnerships and a collective will. I look forward to taking that step with The Fred Hollows Foundation alongside many others, including Vision 2020 Australia.”