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Saturday / April 13.
HomeminewsDr. Andrew White Promoted to Clinical Associate Professor

Dr. Andrew White Promoted to Clinical Associate Professor

Ophthalmologist Dr. Andrew White has been promoted to the role of Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Sydney.

Clin A/Prof White has dedicated his career to glaucoma and assists the NSW Government on health policy. An internationally recognised researcher, whose work has been cited more than 1,100 times, he is currently undertaking research that will revolutionise glaucoma treatment.

One of Clin A/Prof White’s largest projects to date has been to launch the Western Sydney Community Eye Centre in a retail space in Blacktown, where it will screen and assess patients with diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma, offer ongoing management of stable patients, and refer severe and progressive cases to the Westmead Eye Clinic at the Westmead Hospital. Currently, the hospital’s Eye Clinic receives hundreds of referrals every month and it is difficult to prioritise patients based on their risk of irreversible blindness. Clin A/Prof White believes that vetting patients at the community clinic will help ensure Westmead Hospital is receiving referrals for patients requiring treatment rather than just monitoring.

Additionally, Clin A/Prof White has conducted research on the genes that could cause glaucoma. By understanding how these genes cause glaucoma, he is working towards personalised tailor-made treatments influencing how these genes work. This revolutionary approach may radically change the way glaucoma is treated and may lead to the development of effective, patient specific new treatments. Clin A/Prof White considers this research to be one of his greatest career achievements.

Clin A/Prof White has also helped characterise one of the key visual pathways from the retina to the brain. This ground-breaking basic research informs how medical professionals can design and use visual field testing to more effectively assess eye diseases like glaucoma.

Clin A/Prof White has given a positive outlook for the future of glaucoma, believing that the rates of blindness from glaucoma will halve over the next 20 years.