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Friday / May 24.
HomemiproductsMIGS with iTRACK


iTrack is the only illuminated, micron-scale microcatheter designed to viscodilate Schlemm’s canal during MIGS with ABiC (ab interno Canaloplasty). During the procedure, the iTrack is threaded through the canal with micro-forceps, providing real-time tactile feedback of the health and patency of the canal.

As the iTrack is withdrawn, the precisely controlled delivery of Healon/Healon GV separates the compressed tissue planes of the trabecular meshwork, and also triggers the withdrawal of any herniated inner wall tissue from the collector channels. A standout feature of the iTrack is its illuminated tip, which allows you to continually monitor its location during canal circumnavigation – offering peace of mind that the iTrack is safely in the canal.

Contact: Ellex (AUS) 08 7074 8200