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Saturday / July 20.
Homemieditorialmivision Issue 143 March 2019

mivision Issue 143 March 2019

World Glaucoma Week takes place this month from 10–16 March 2019. It’s a great chance for the profession to raise awareness of this blinding disease and target those at risk.

This issue is packed with key stats about glaucoma that you can use when communicating with patients and staff. It’s also loaded with information about current diagnostic techniques and treatments, and it looks to the future. Virtual reality and artificial intelligence for disease detection and monitoring are on the horizon, as are extra- and intra-ocular sustained release medications.

In the excitement of looking at the futuristic science surrounding glaucoma, it can be easy to forget about the day to day practicalities of patient management. Rajendra Gyawali, Melinda Toomey, Professor Fiona Stapleton, and Dr Isabelle Jalbert bring you back to the here and now with a CPD article on clinical record keeping. With a focus on glaucoma management, they detail your responsibilities and provide useful tips about the way to record information and how long you need to keep it. As the authors point out, “a well maintained clinical record that is legible, timely, and complete will assist clinicians in dealing with claims, complaints, and legal actions. More importantly, it will improve care for patients with glaucoma.”

Thanks to the many contributors who have written for this annual glaucoma issue, and particularly to Annie Gibbins, Chief Executive Officer of Glaucoma Australia, for her support in planning and coordinating the articles. With Annie’s help, we’ve been able to deliver the latest insights from Australia’s internationally recognised glaucoma specialists.

Later this month global scientific and clinical leaders in the field will gather in Melbourne for the biennial World Glaucoma Congress (WGC) from 27–30 March. Importantly for your glaucoma patients, this year’s Congress will include a free public seminar on Friday 27 March. This is a valuable opportunity for all people with glaucoma, their friends and family to share experiences and find out about scientific and clinical advances. You can read more about what to expect at the WGC on page 109.

Enjoy the issue.