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Tuesday / June 25.
HomemiproductsSulcoflex Trifocal Supplementary IOL

Sulcoflex Trifocal Supplementary IOL

Rayner’s Sulcoflex Trifocal supplementary intraocular lens (IOL) is a versatile option that allows surgeons to treat an even wider range of patients for presbyopia. Sulcoflex Trifocal uses the Rayner patented diffractive profile, with fewer rings on the optic surface than many trifocal IOLs, offering reduced potential for visual disturbances and improved night vision, as well as a comfortable transition from near to distant visual ranges.

The Sulcoflex family of lenses is designed to avoid potential problems of conventional ‘piggyback’ IOLs. The unique posterior concave surface minimises the possibility of interaction with the primary IOL and reduces the likelihood of unwanted photopic effects.

Contact: Designs for Vision (AUS) 1800 225 307