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Saturday / May 25.
HomeminewsSafilo Entices Retail With Free Online Webinars

Safilo Entices Retail With Free Online Webinars

Safilo has expanded a series of free online training modules on eyewear-related topics that are being made available for all eye wear retailers. The modules have been developed to support practices and retailers through challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It is so rare to have the time to invest in training and knowledge sharing in such depth over a short period, and we are hoping that these sessions can be a good way us to help practices prepare for the opportunities ahead” said David Pearson, Safilo Senior Director Asia Pacific.

David Pearson, Safilo Senior Director Asia Pacific

“We have tried to create webinar topics that will help all optometry practices, and make the sessions, practical, relevant and interesting. The uptake and feedback so far has been fantastic so we will be extending the series and will be adding some new topics, including working with other industry leaders in combined webinars.”

Vincent Cleme (Director of Brand, Trade Marketing, PR & Communications Asia Pacific)

The webinar series is conducted by Safilo’s retail and brand expert, Vincent Cleme (Director of Brand, Trade Marketing, PR & Communications Asia Pacific), who is based in Singapore. Mr Cleme has an outstanding combination of knowledge of the brand world, product creation and the application of retailing best practices related to the optical industry.

Each webinar takes 45min to one hour and topics include:

The Home Office as the New Normal – Presented by Safilo, Prudence Consulting and Rodenstock Australia

The world is changing rapidly, and the home office is becoming the new normal for many workers. This unique webinar brings together expertise from leaders in the field to discuss ergonomics and how they relate to workers’ visual needs. Prudence Consulting, a leading workplace occupational firm will detail the best ergonomic and practical considerations for the set-up of the home office. To complement the information, Nicola Peaper from Rodenstock will relate the information directly to the visual needs of the home office and the possible solutions.

Let There be Light – The changing needs of patients outdoors and in the digital environment – Presented by Safilo and Hoya Lens Australia

The independent optical practice has never been more important in ensuring the overall wellbeing of patients, and has extended its role from providing vision correction, to providing the vision solution. Safilo, in conjunction with Ulli Hentschel from Hoya Lens Australia, will present an innovative education session supporting optical practices covering the concepts of visual solutions for the modern patient and light conditions. This will range from the diverse demands of eyewear correction during outdoor activities, to the ever present questions on the effects on vision of the digital environment. By bringing together two leaders in the industry to one webinar, we hope to provide concise and time effective education on our specific areas of expertise and help in the patient experience.

Visual Merchandising in the Optical Environment

Learn the strategies and techniques of visual merchandising to maximise the non-verbal communication you have with your customers in store. Some simple guides and ideas on how best to organise and present product to increase sell out and inspire consumers to spend more.

Optical Frame Materials – Types, Adjustments and Sustainability

This module will cover the main materials used in optical frames and their key properties and advantages. A section will also cover the best practices in handling, adjusting and fitting the materials, along with information on the sustainability and sourcing of key material types.

Optical Frame Manufacturing

Take a look inside the process of optical frame and sunglass manufacturing, from sourcing raw materials through to the finished product. Understand the product intricacies and the quality and control mechanisms implemented for the manufacturing of eyewear.

Optical Fashion Trends

Discover the upcoming trends in eyewear from around the world. Understand the key topics of how culture, fashion and colour choices are influencing eyewear creations and styles developed and commercialised for consumers, and more importantly, the choices consumers make!

What’s in a Heritage Brand: Carrera, Polaroid and SMITH

A brief look into the history and DNA of three heritage brands in the optical industry. What was the Carrera Panamericana, who was Dr Bob Smith, and how did Polaroid help influence the outcome of WWII?

Practical tips on Targeting the Discerning Male Consumer

The modern consumer is more discerning than ever, and unfortunately the adage of the ‘simple man’ with the ‘simple frame’ isn’t always applicable. This session will go through a few of the trends in men’s eyewear across the different price points along with strategies and pointers to ensure you can provide the right options to keep this consumer in your store.

Practical tips on Targeting the Female Spectacle Wearer

Although this webinar won’t give you all the answers to the age old question of ‘what women want’, it will at least give an insight into the trends, features and practical tips for recommending eyewear to the female spectacle wearer. Although fashion and design still drive many of the preferences for eyewear style, the webinar will introduce the interaction of colour and make up choice for the selection of the ‘perfect’ frame.

Kids & Teens – Keeping the Consumer and the Purchaser Happy!

There is a distinct challenge in catering to a consumer/patient that isn’t the one paying the bills. This webinar will look at some of the factors in selling to the kids and teen market, and the nuances of eyewear that appeal to both the wearer and the parent.

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We have tried to create webinar topics that will help all optometry practices, and make the sessions, practical, relevant and interesting