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Thursday / July 18.
HomemiproductsAlcon Total1 Multifocals

Alcon Total1 Multifocals

Total1 multifocal contact lenses feel like nothing^ and enable your patients to see clearly at multiple distances, from near through far. This lens provides exceptional comfort for 16 hours thanks to its unique water gradient material and Smartears technology. With almost 100% water at the outer surface of the lens,~ the Total1 lens creates a cushion of moisture on the eye, making it so comfortable patients may forget they’re wearing them.^ It also features Precision Profile optical design to balance the effects of presbyopia for clear vision up close, far away and everything in between.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. ANZ-DTM-2100004.

Contact: Alcon (AUS) 1800 224 153 or (NZ) 0800 101 106 

^Based on % wearers agreeing with the statement, “while wearing my lenses, I sometimes forget I have them on”. ~Based on laboratory measurements of unworn lenses.


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