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Wednesday / April 17.
HomemiproductsNew: Surgical Capsulotomy Laser System

New: Surgical Capsulotomy Laser System

Device Technologies has introduced a new surgical laser system that allows cataract surgeons to perform highly accurate and consistent capsulotomies in less than one third of a second, ensuring precise size, circularity, and position. Additionally, the resultant capsulotomy provides greater elasticity and strength compared to manual capsulotomy.¹

Delivering laser energy in a continuous manner, CAPSULaser provides 100% free-floating 360° capsulotomies, eliminating the issue of irregular capsulotomies or ‘postage stamp capsulotomies’ that can occur with other laser-assisted cataract systems that are reliant on pulsed laser energy.

CAPSULaser’s precise capsulotomy also facilitates the fixation of Teleon’s Femtis IOL, providing stability and predictable postoperative results.²

Contact: Device Technologies (AUS) 1800 806 006 


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