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Tuesday / May 21.
HomemonthlynewsAll About Reconnecting: Eyebenefit Conference Singapore ’22

All About Reconnecting: Eyebenefit Conference Singapore ’22

Eyebenefit has hosted a highly successful international conference in Marina Bay, Singapore for its community of eye care practices. The event was sponsored by Hoya, and received further support from CooperVision and ProOptics.

Describing this unique industry conference Eyebenefit director Matt Garratt said, “Our approach to conferences is one of innovation and we strategically move away from content-heavy, lengthy sessions, instead directing our focus to attendee relationships and community… We aim to create a social learning environment that encourages sharing and the support of one another. The rationale behind this is that as a group, we pride ourselves on the community we have manifested. We have found over the years that our members get more out of building business relationships and networking in this space, rather than being taught things they already know and have been implementing in their stores for years.”

Education sessions that were provided concentrated on topics that Eyebenefits members, as a collective, lack confidence in. This included sessions dedicated to social media use, the benefit of a yearly marketing calendar, and high-performance lens dispensing.

“These interactive sessions involved some very productive chatter between members, and feedback from this has been nothing but positive,” Lisa Cappuccio, Head of Marketing said.

As part of a team building exercise, Eyebenefit members at the conference were invited to participate in “an amazing race” through the streets of Singapore.

Members were split strategically into groups and sent out to find some of the quirkiest features within China Town. Their findings included interpretive dance in front of an iconic corner, delicious treats from hawker market stalls, and lots of laughs.

“The unforgettable Amazing China Town Race experience was hosted by Food Playground (www.foodplayground.com.sg), a locally operated small business that went above and beyond for us,” explained Mr Rogers. “Their wonderful team had our members forming tight bonds through teamwork and strategy, in an attempt to win the ultimate prize of bragging rights for the remainder of the conference.”

Mr Garratt said the conference generated exceptional camaraderie.

“After so long being kept apart from members as a result of the global pandemic, this conference was not only a great success but a real treat for all involved. We have been completely overwhelmed with thank you messages from attending members and enquiries into when the next conference will be… We wish to extend our thanks to Hoya for supporting this year’s conference and helping us to bring this vision to light. Planning has already commenced for our Eyebenefit Conference ’23 –only time will tell where our next destination will be. For more information on how you can get involved with this incredible community simply visit www.eyebenefit.com.au.