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Monday / July 15.
HomeminewsDry Eye and Orthokeratology Clinical Workshops: Sunday 16 July

Dry Eye and Orthokeratology Clinical Workshops: Sunday 16 July

Join the Australian College of Optometry (ACO) for a full day of anterior eye workshops or choose a half-day workshop targeting your area of clinical interest.

The morning session is designed as an update on recent developments in the diagnosis, classification and management of dry eye, with face-to-face lectures complimented by a hands-on practical session to refine and develop new skills.

The afternoon orthokeratology workshop is an interactive face-to-face session to enhance your practical skills in orthokeratology using real-life case examples. Online lectures from orthokeratology experts accessible in advance of the workshop will build your knowledge base with tips and tricks on lens fitting and troubleshooting to maximise learning opportunities in the skills-based workshop.

Session 1: Dry Eye has been accredited by Optometry Australia Institute of Excellence for 4.5T and 2Ti hours.

Session 2: Orthokeratology (Hybrid) has been accredited by Optometry Australia’s Institute of Excellence for 4.5, 1.25T 2i hours.

Click here for full program.

This event is sponsored by Good Optical Services.

Session 1: Dry Eye

8.30am – 1pm
Lecture 1: ‘Recent developments in the diagnosis and classification of dry eye and how subtyping can promote treatment success’Presented by Dr Leigh Plowman
Case studies will illustrate how appropriate subtyping of dry eye presentations can promote treatment success for your patients.

Lecture 2: ‘Beyond basic lubricants: Treating multifactorial dry eye disease’Presented by Varny Ganesalingam
Explore tailored management techniques beyond lubricants, including assessment of Meibomian gland function, alongside oral and topical therapeutics.

Dry eye practical Led by Laura De Angelis
Elevate your dry eye management skills through quantitative symptom assessment and discover how state-of-the-art instruments such as the OCULUS Keratograph 5M can streamline your dry eye examination process.

Master meibum expression and meibography grading techniques to evaluate meibomian gland dysfunction and explore treatment options such as the Lipiflow and Lumenis IPL treatment systems in a hands-on demonstration.

This session is sponsored by Lumenis

Session 2: Orthokeratology (Hybrid)

2pm – 4pm
Lecture 1: ‘Orthokeratology’Presented by Philip Cheng
(Pre-recorded lecture) Gain expert tips on patient selection, lens fitting and effective use of corneal topography for successful orthokeratology treatment.

Lecture 2: ‘Orthokeratology troubleshooting: How to achieve success when things don’t go to plan’Presented by Alex Petty
(Pre-recorded lecture) Conquer unexpected outcomes and complications to achieve success for your orthokeratology patients.

Orthokeratology practicalLed by Richard Vojlay
Under the guidance of speciality lens fitting expert, Richard Vojlay, you will learn how to select and fit orthokeratology lenses using the popular Paragon inventory lens fitting set. Richard will also share valuable case examples, highlighting tips and tricks for a successful initial fit. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your practical skills in orthokeratology.