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Friday / April 19.
HomeminewsPresmed 2023 Optometrist Conference

Presmed 2023 Optometrist Conference

Presmed 2023 Optometrist Conference logo

Registrations have opened for PresMed’s 2023 Optometrist Conference, which will present two concurrent speaker programs, featuring a total of 28 ophthalmologists.

The half-day conference, to be held at Chatswood in Sydney on Sunday 30 July, will be worth up to five continuing professional development hours.

The half-day conference… will be worth up to five continuing professional development hours

Hosted by Chatswood Private Hospital, Epping Surgery Centre, and Madison Day Surgery, organisers said each speaker program would feature 14 ophthalmologists each providing a 15-minute presentation on a topic of interest to optometrists. Time will be allowed for audience questions.

The following ophthalmologists will be speaking at the conference:
Dr Aparna Raniga, Glaucoma; Dr Craig Donaldson, Paediatrics; Dr Dana Robaei, Cornea; Dr Daniel Polya, Retina; Dr Dominic McCall, General / Emergency; Dr Dov Hersh, Paediatrics: Dr Edwina Eade, Oculoplastics; Dr Freny Kalapes, Cataract; Dr Gagan Khannah, Cataract; Dr Gaurav Bhardwaj, Retinal; Dr Gayatri Banerjee, Cataract; A/Prof Geoff Wilcsek, Cornea / Lids; A/Prof Ian Francis, Retinal; Dr Inderjit Singh, Cataract; Dr Jay Yohendran, Cataract; Dr John Chang, Retinal; Dr Kate Leahy, Paediatrics; Dr Katherine Masselos, Glaucoma; Dr Li-Anne Lim, General; Dr Linda Zheng, Paediatrics; Dr Matthew Spargo, Neuro-ophthalmology; Dr Michael Jones, Paediatrics; Dr Michael Wei, Retina; Dr Noni Lewis, Cornea; Dr Rahul Dubey, Retina; Dr Raj Shah, Glaucoma; A/Prof Samantha Fraser-Bell, Retinal; Dr Sartaj Sandhu, Glaucoma.

The event runs from 7am to 1pm, and registration is online via Eventbrite.